U.S. Chamber sets its Sights on Texas for Anti-Business Regulations in 2015

In a recet article posted in the Waco Tribune,  Jill Shackelford, Chairwoman of the special interest-funded outfit called “ Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas” authored a misleading column about the consumer legal funding industry.

This should be a warning to the thousands of consumers in Texas that the U.S. Chamber of Commere and the mega insurance companies they represent are preparing to eliminate, through anti-business legislation, a service that has become so vital to so many in Texas.

In a tactic that has failed in so many other states, they will try and misinform legislators in Austin about what the consumer legal funding industry is and does. By disguising their initiatives as consumer friendly and claiming to help protect the everyday citizen of Texas, it would be easy for members in Austin to jump on board such a cause.  If you look closer, however, you will see a powerful insurance industry trying to legislate its way to more power.   As members in the Texas legislature gearing up for the 84th session in 2015, look carefully at who is behind this push and consider the impact this type of anti-business message would have  on the consumers who rely on this product everyday.

Consumer legal funding allows citizens like Harold from Waco, Texas who was injured in an automobile accident, unable to work due to the accident, to have a financial lifeline.

After exploring other financial options, Harold made the decision that consumer legal funding was the best fit for his situation.  Where other financial options carried the possibility of future debt, consumer legal funding was the option that did not create any further debt and was a fully disclosed agreement Harold trusted.

“Because of consumer legal funding, I was able to pay off all my past-due bills.”

Unfortunately for the thousands of citizens of Texas, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the handful of mega insurance corporations they represent have been traveling around the country spending millions of dollars to try and get rid of the consumer legal funding industry.

Luckily for Harold and the many others who rely on the services of consumer legal funding in Texas, legislators in other states have stood up to the U.S. Chamber and large Insurance corporations and have recognized the important role this industry has played in helping those who need it most.

In 2015, it will be Austin’s turn to stand up to these billion-dollar entities, choosing the Texas consumer over big insurance.

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