Warning: Deep-pocketed Special Interests Tip Their Hand in Illinois

In recent weeks, a special interest-funded outfit called “Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch” has started placing misleading editorials in Illinois-based newspapers about the consumer legal funding industry.

This should be a warning to all Illinois consumers that having been turned back in state legislature after state legislature around the country, the moneyed Washington, DC interests have turned their sights to the Land of Lincoln.

The next move in their playbook will be to misinform legislators in Springfield about what the consumer legal funding industry is and does. By disguising their legislation as consumer friendly and claiming to be designed to help protect the everyday citizen of Illinois, it would be easy for members in Springfield to jump on board such legislation.  If you look closer, however, a picture starts to emerge of a very powerful entitiy trying to legislate its way to more power.   I urge members to look carefully at who is behind this push for such legislation and to consider the impact this type of legislation would have not only on the hundreds of jobs associated with the industry but the thousands of consumers who rely on this product everyday.

For years, the services of consumer legal funding has helped families from all across Illinois cope with debilitating injuries, caused at no fault of their own, usually from an auto accident.  These accidents often leave hardworking citizens out of a job, without a full paycheck, and unable to pay for everyday necessities such as rent, utilities, medical bills and food.  The ability of consumer legal funding to provide a, non-recourse, fully disclosed funding options is vital for these injured consumers to get back onto their feet, and to continue to pursue a full and fair settlement with their insurance company.

Consumer legal funding allows citizens like Fred from Holland, Illinois who was hit by another vehicle, injured from the accident, unable to work and instantly thrust into an unfavorable situation, to have a financial lifeline.

After consulting with his lawyer and exploring other financial options, Fred decided that consumer legal funding was the best fit for his situation.  He knew this was an option that wouldn’t create any further debt and was a fully disclosed, non-recourse agreement.

“Because of consumer legal funding, I was able to pay some of my bills and buy groceries for my family.”

Unfortunately for Fred and thousands of other citizens of Illinois, the U.S. Chamber and the handful of mega corporations they represent, would love nothing more then for this industry to disappear.  Making the consumer weaker and the mega corporations bottom-lines stronger.

So when it comes to protecting the consumer, who do you believe?  The consumer legal funding industry, which was created for the sole purpose of helping those who need it most?  Or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. that represents only the largest corporations in this country and their financial interests?

I think the answer is simple and I urge those in Springfield to stand up to special interests and help protect the vital services consumer legal funding provides to so many in Illinois.

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