Preserving a vital service that Consumers rely upon in #Louisiana.

Working Louisianans spend a majority of their time away from home.  Earning an honest wage to help pay for such daily necessities as food, housing and transportation.  As times are changing and inflation is rising, the dollar has never been stretched so thin.

Kirk from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana was a hardworking Louisianan who did his job well and wanted what was best for his family.  He is the type of person who clocks in everyday knowing that the money he earns will help provide for the people he cares about most.  Kirk had also been frugal over the last several years and had built a little cushion in his bank account, allowing for some breathing room.

Unfortunately for Kirk, he was recently involved in an automobile accident.  The accident left Kirk injured enough where he couldn’t work for a long period of time, leaving him without a consistent paycheck and his emergency savings drained.  Kirk was stuck and in need of a little financial assistance while he “patiently” waited for the insurance company to settle his injury claim.

After researching several different financial options, Kirk decided to go with a consumer legal funding company.  Kirk felt the most comfortable with this financial option because he would not incur any further debt, the terms were clearly presented to him upon signing the agreement and he would receive just enough funds to help pay for the bills that had piled up over the past couple of months.

“Consumer legal funding has helped me and family during this troubling time,” Said Kirk.”

Unfortunately for Kirk and the thousands of citizens who rely on this vital service in Louisiana, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is on a misinformation campaign to demonize the industry and eliminate its existence from the state.  Campaigning for their largest client, the billion-dollar insurance industry, they have attempted to severely regulate the consumer legal funding industry into extinction through legislative measures around the country, including Louisiana.

So why is Washington D.C.’s wealthiest special interest group so involved with this issue?  It is simple, as consumer legal funding is a service that helps provide an equal footing to consumers who find themselves (we have all been there) frustrated and in a struggle with an insurance company for a fair settlement.  Where insurance companies were once able to pressure consumers who didn’t have the financial means to withstand any sort of long drawn out battle and offering less then fair market settlements to consumers.  Consumer legal funding bridged that gap between the time an accident occurred and when a consumer could finalize their settlement in a fair manner with the insurance corporation.

While decision-makers in Louisiana consider a series of bills in the state house addressing this issue, I hope they choose to listen to the consumer legal funding industry and the thousands of constituents who rely on this product.  Preserving a service that has become a lifeline to so many has never been more important.

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