Where Big Insurance Fails to help, Consumer Legal Funding Starts – a Story about Steven from Ohio

Most Americans grind away at work eight to ten hours a day, five days a week.  They spend as much time at work as they do awake at home.  The pressures of working and earning a paycheck increase as things like food, housing and transportation costs are all on the rise.  The fight to earn a decent and sustainable paycheck to help finance daily necessities has never been more important.

Steven, from Ohio, is a hardworking dad who does his job well and just wants what is best for his son.  He is the type of guy who clocks in everyday knowing that the money he earns will help provide for his family.  Steven is also the type of person who is responsible enough to save as much money as possible but knows there is not much room for error.  

A near death accident on the job recently changed Steven’s life.  His injuries from the accident were severe.  His first worry was to survive the accident so he could see his son again.  His next worry was to get his finances in order so he could provide for his family while he was away from work.       

While Steven was out of work, his savings dried up and he struggled to figure out how to pay for everyday costs like housing, food and other monthly bills.  Unfortunately for Steven, his injury claim was stuck in the hands of a large insurance corporation, which utilized typical industry-wide delay tactics.  Large insurance conglomerates, like Steven’s insurance provider, routinely delay claims for as long as they can until the claimant, whose back is often against a financial wall, becomes desperate enough to settle for much less than fair market value.  

“I take care of my responsibilities and perform my duties for my career extremely well,” Steven said.  “After getting almost killed while on the job, I’m fighting to stay afloat financially. That’s not something that you can plan for.  The savings that you’d think would be more than enough, aren’t.”

Feeling desperate after receiving a less than fair offer by big insurance, Steven decided to contact a consumer legal funding company for help.

With consumer legal funding Steven was able to secure the necessary funds to help pay for things like housing, food and other basic bills, and helping get him and his son back on track.       

“[Consumer legal] funding helped give [money] towards my future, to help immediately, but also, to give a bit of a real, ‘you’re gonna be alright sorta feeling.’”

Where big insurance fails to help, consumer legal funding starts.  It is through consumer legal funding that people like Steven and his son can jumpstart their lives again and not be held hostage to the delay tactics of billion-dollar insurance corporations.  

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