For Cristy, Consumer Legal Funding Provided a Financial Lifeline and an opportunity to Stand Up to Big Insurance.

Big insurance wants you to believe consumer legal funding is some monstrous organization that doesn’t care about the consumer.   Of course these are only desperate words being used by big insurance to try and protect their decades old strategy of deliberately delaying injury claims in hopes of settling for a less than fair market value with a claimant.

The tactic for big insurance is simple, find those claimants who are financially disadvantaged.  Often these claimants, like many Americans, are working paycheck to paycheck, do not have significant savings and have been in an automobile accident that has left them unable to work and without any money coming into the home.  Big insurance knows these people are the most vulnerable and most likely to settle for less if the claim process is delayed.

Big insurance has been utilizing these delay tactics on the financially vulnerable for decades.  In contrast, consumer legal funding has provided a lifeline to those who need financial assistance and want to get a fair settlement for their injury claim.

Consumer legal funding helps level the playing field with big insurance, especially those who are financially vulnerable.  Instead of settling for pennies on the dollar, a claimant can now pursue non-recourse funding through a consumer legal funding organization.  Through this funding a consumer can access funds to help pay for everyday necessities such as housing, transportation, utilities and food. These funds help keep the consumer’s daily life going, while they wait for their claim to be settled in a fair manner.    

Cristy from Georgia, who was involved in a terrible accident, is a prime example and just one of the millions of claimants who would have been held hostage by the outrageous delay tactics of big insurance if it weren’t for consumer legal funding. 

“I was unable to work and had [gone] thru all my savings,“ Cristy said. “I tried to refinance and since I didn’t have employment [due to the accident], no one would give me the money and I needed money to pay my mortgage and buy groceries.”

Cristy goes on to say, “I am still [waiting for my claim to be settled in a fair manner] and am thankful [a consumer legal funding organization] gave me the money when no one else would.”

Thanks to consumer legal funding, Cristy has a financial lifeline that will help get her daily life back on track and will allow her stand up to big insurance and their delay tactics.     

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