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Trending Across the Nation: Legal Funding is Not a Loan

From our latest press release:

Last week, the Indiana legislature passed House Bill 1127, validating that consumer legal funding is not a loan—and shouldn’t be regulated like one. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Matt Lehman, would make Indiana the third UCCC state whose legislature has come to the same conclusion in recent years. “This part of the bill is a major win for consumers. I’m glad they got it right,” said Rob Johnson, former Oklahoma Republican state legislator and Executive Director for The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC). “By passing HB 1127, the Indiana Legislature confirmed that there is a need for consumer legal funding in the Hoosier state.”…

“This is a product that regular working-class people need to be able to access” said Johnson. “Most Americans can’t go months without working. They just don’t have that kind of savings. And, who’s going to give you a loan when you aren’t working and the multi-billion dollar insurance company is slow-waling your claim? We refuse to let people become puppets at the mercy of the insurance industry–allowing them to pull the strings. They use financial pressure to force people into low, unfair settlements for boni fide claims instead of doing what’s right by their neighbor. People are not in good hands if they have no alternative.”

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