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Taylor Swift Gets the Need for Consumer Legal Funding

Adele. Lady Gaga. Ariana Grande. Lorde. These big names in music are just a few in the industry rallying behind Ke$ha in the recent #FreeKesha movement. Taylor Swift has taken it one step further by giving Ke$ha for $250,000 for expenses while she fights to be released from her contract with Sony records. She gets that cases can take a long time to resolve, and that making ends meet during this time can be tough.

If you haven’t been following the case, back in 2014 Ke$ha filed a civil suit that alleges that Sony producer, Dr. Luke, assaulted her during her tenure with his label, Kemosabe Records.  The popstar’s request for a preliminary injunction on the case against Dr. Luke was recently denied, putting the case into further review and keeping the singer locked in her contract. This means it will be even longer until Ke$ha can start putting out more whisky-soaked chart-toppers and start bringing in income again.

Taylor Swift understands that legal battles often drag out, and that financial concerns can add to the stress and turmoil of an already difficult time.

For those who do not have the benefit of having Taylor Swift as a friend, fear not. Most people in the United States have the option of consumer legal funding—a financial product that helps families meet immediate needs after an accident while they wait for a fair settlement. Over half a million people have utilized consumer legal funding to help relieve financial pressure in the last decade.

T-Swift gets it. We get it. And, legal funding providers are there to help.