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ARC Advisory Council Members Sound Off on Misguided Legislation in Alabama

Earlier this month, two of ARC’s Advisory Council members spoke out against legislation in the Alabama state legislature that would eliminate choice for consumers. Professor Victoria Shannon Sahani and Professor Jeremy Kidd, both legal scholars and leading experts on consumer legal funding, wrote letters to the Alabama State Senate’s Committee on the Judiciary urging committee members to stop Senate Bill 67 put forward by Senator Cam Ward.

Professor Sahani is a graduate of Harvard Law school and teaches at Washington and Lee University School of Law. In her letter, she pointed out that “several states effectively regulate litigation funding without expressly capping the rate of return. Examples include Maine, Nebraska, Ohio, and Oklahoma.” Read her FULL LETTER.

Professor Kidd, a graduate of George Mason University School of Law, teaches at Mercer University School of Law. He said, “Senate Bill 67 is pro-business, rather than pro-market, because it is designed to protect businesses against lawsuits without inquiring as to whether those businesses are actually at fault.” Read his FULL LETTER.

State legislation on legal funding needs to protect consumers and preserve consumer choice. That’s why ARC is advocating for smart reforms across the country, based off of our model legislation. We look forward to working with Alabama lawmakers to pass regulations that meet both of those goals.