Enough is enough: Stop Leaving South Carolina Consumers in the Cold

The U.S. Chamber and Big Insurance: Leaving South Carolina Consumers in the Cold

If it were up to big insurance companies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, consumer legal funding would just disappear in South Carolina.  When consumer legal funding began providing services in the Palmetto State, consumers had an alternative to big insurance companies’ delay tactics and low-ball settlement offers for injury claims.  People like Queen from Bishopville, South Carolina or Margaret from Clinton, South Carolina no longer had to worry about their daily living expenses and could finally stand toe-to-toe with the big pocketed insurance companies to fight for what they deserved, a fair settlement on their injury claim.

For too long insurance companies in South Carolina and across the U.S. got away with less-then-market rate settlements with consumers for automobile or on-the-job injury claims.  The insurance companies used notorious tactics to delay claims long enough that an injured consumer was financially in trouble, was out of work and without a paycheck, couldn’t hang on any longer and would take a much lower settlement then what they actually deserved.

Not until consumer legal funding products came along in places like South Carolina, could consumers finally stand up and say “enough is enough.”  With consumer legal funding, consumers who have an injury claim pending with an insurance company can obtain non-recourse funding to help pay for everyday living expenses like rent, transportation and food.  These small amounts of funding help alleviate the worries of the consumer’s daily financial lives and allows them to pursue a fair settlement for their injury claims.

Consumer legal funding couldn’t have been more helpful and important to Queen and her family, from Bishopville, South Carolina.  “[Consumer legal funding] really helped me because with the money, I could pay the rent and buy food for the kids.”  She said, “Thank you with all my heart.”

For Margaret from Clinton, South Carolina her situation was dire.  After months of waiting and still not having her claim settled, she had no other options but to seek a consumer legal funding company.  She was glad she did. “[Consumer legal funding] has helped keep a roof over our [families’] heads and food on our table.”   

The Insurance companies, along with their mouthpiece, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, want consumers, legislators or anyone else who will listen to believe consumer legal funding is bad for consumers and a serious risk to the future stability of the U.S. judicial system. 

These comments by big insurance and the Chamber are, of course, false.   These are merely PR tools they use as diversions to hide their true intentions, which include getting rid of consumer legal funding in places like South Carolina.  They prefer to return to their old ways of doing business, by forcing consumers like Queen or Margaret into less-then-fair settlement offers, saving insurance companies billions of dollars, while leaving consumers out in the cold.


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