Consumer Legal Funding is Keeping Families Moving Forward in Louisiana

Whether it is Patricia from Bogalusa, Kenneth from Gretna, or Thomas from Denham Springs, one thing is for certain, these Louisianans have been affected by a terrible accident and have sought the help of a consumer legal funding company.

Consumer legal funding helps thousands of people and families across Louisiana cope with debilitating injuries, caused at no fault of their own, usually from an auto accident.  These accidents often leave them out of work, without a full paycheck and unable to pay for everyday necessities such as rent, utilities and food.  The ability of consumer legal funding to provide non-recourse funding is vital for these injured consumers to get back onto their feet and to continue to pursue a full and fair settlement with their insurance company.

Why is it necessary for consumer legal funding to be part of the equation when someone is involved in these unfortunate situations?

For years, large insurance companies have been preying on injured consumers who are financially unable to sustain time away from work and a paycheck. The companies delay claim settlements in hopes of forcing financially disadvantaged consumers into a less-then-market rate settlement.  Of course, this leaves the consumer in worse financial shape than before the accident, but the insurance company in much better shape as it pertains to their own corporate bottom line.

For Patricia from Bogalusa, Louisiana consumer legal funding was instrumental in helping her and her family through the accident.  “[Consumer legal funding] was extremely helpful, [to] catch up on regular bills and [to buy] groceries for myself and my 10 year old son.” 

The importance of consumer legal funding cannot be understated with Kenneth who is from Gretna, Louisiana.  He had been waiting months for a fair settlement from his insurance company, and had gotten to a point where he needed some extra money to afford everyday living expenses.  “[Consumer legal funding], helped with my everyday bills [like] utilities and rent.  [I] now have a more stable life while [I am] out of work.”

As Thomas from Denham Springs, Louisiana best puts it, “I have had a hard time getting back ahead but because of [consumer legal funding] now I can.”

That is the best way to sum up consumer legal funding, it keeps people moving forward in tough financial times.  Whereas the insurance companies are only concerned about their corporate bottom lines, consumer legal funding is part of the healing process for those consumers who need it most.   

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