We salute the Indiana Senate for passage of SB 373

In a bipartisan and overwhelming 47-2 vote, the Indiana Senate approved SB 373, a bill championed by Senator Randall Head (R-Logansport) along with co-sponsor Senator Michael Young (R-Indianapolis) and Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis).

SB 373 creates a robust set of consumer protections for Indiana consumers who use consumer legal funding to help make ends meet, and pay day-to-day expenses, while waiting for legal claims to be resolved.

We applaud Indiana Senators for their near-unanimous support of this legislation. They have sent a strong signal about the importance of consumer legal funding as a life-raft for people to keep things afloat during tough times. We urge fellow lawmakers in the Indiana House to follow the Senate’s lead down a common sense path that legislatures in Ohio, Nebraska, Maine and Oklahoma arrived at in crafting appropriate regulation of the consumer legal funding industry.

We again thank Senators Head, Young and Taylor, and the full Senate for its support of SB 373 that greatly benefits the people of Indiana.