Tightening of Family Budgets makes Consumer Legal Funding an Important Lifeline for Americans

According to an Allstate Financials Life Tracks Poll, nearly half of all Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck.  They rely on those paychecks to cover their essential monthly bills, with minimal-to-no money left over for anything else.  At a time where every household dollar counts, the family budget in America has become very fragile.

Moms and Dads who are prevented from working due to a sudden injury or accident, strain to keep the family budget intact.  Those events can send shockwaves through a family’s finances while they wait for a fair and just settlement, along with getting back to work and providing for their family. 

Unfortunately, some in the Big Insurance industry are taking advantage of these fragile family budgets.  They are using their knowledge of the family’s struggling financial situation to bolster their negotiating position in hopes of gaining a quick, and cheap, settlement.

Luckily for families affected by these uncontrollable events, Consumer Legal Funding is available as a resource to help strengthen a family’s budget while they await a fair settlement.  Consumer Legal Funding is a way for consumers to access a financial lifeline to pay for essential bills, along with putting food on the table for their families while their case is being processed in the vast wasteland called “the claims process”.

Those same Insurance companies are taking advantage of those struggling financially by trying to limit and eliminate the practice of Consumer Legal Funding. 

Eliminating the access to Consumer Legal Funding would create a huge disservice to the many Americans who rely on this service every day. It is the Big Insurance Industry’s way of saying “we are the ones writing all the rules and we do not care that you cannot feed your family. We are going to drag this out as long as we can to get what WE want and not what you are entitled to.”

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. Consumer Legal Funding ensures they will get that chance.

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