The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) Statement Regarding the Minnesota Supreme Court Decision Maslowski v. Prospect Funding Partners, LLC, et al. v. James Schwebel, Esq., et al.

“We are very pleased that the Minnesota Supreme Court took its time in rendering a thoughtful decision in this matter and, once again, held that the consumer legal funding contract at issue was enforceable. The decision is consistent with what courts and legislatures have said across the country, that this product is not a loan and should not be treated as such,” stated Eric Schuller, President of the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding. “Following the Court’s logic in its June 2020 opinion that the transaction did not violate the common law prohibition on champerty, the Court today correctly recognized that, “A repurchase rate in a litigation financing agreement is not subject to Minnesota’s usury law” This well-reasoned decision joins others across the country in the growing consensus that consumer legal funding transactions are not loans and should not be treated like loans.”

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