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Rob Johnson’s Biting Response to U.S. Chamber’s Lisa Rickard

The hypocrisy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s stance on regulation can sometimes be hard to stomach.

The organization is known for their firm opposition to regulations on businesses, lobbying for de-regulation at every turn, citing harm to the market and the economy. However, they are happy to push to impose regulations on small business if it’s in the interest of their members—huge insurance companies like State Farm and Allstate—unconcerned that it would hurt everyday people in the process.

In a recent op-ed out of Alabama, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform president, Lisa Rickard, derides consumer legal funding (which she intentionally mischaracterizes as “lawsuit loans”) by spouting glaring falsehoods (too many to even address properly in one blog), slinging mud, and pushing a bill that would hurt consumers in that state.

ARC Executive Director Rob Johnson just wrote a measured but biting response in The Gadsden Times titled “More bureaucracy, less choice? What is U.S. Chamber thinking?” calling out the Chamber for being so out of touch with the people of Alabama—and people across the country:

The November election revealed an overwhelming tide of people who felt left behind by the system and invisible to policymakers. These are people who go to work every day and just want to forge the best lives they can for their families. The voice of Alabamans rang loud and clear — they want less government, not more bureaucracy. They want more choices for their families, not fewer… Overregulation is not consumer protection. It’s just out of touch with the voices of voters and leaves people behind.

It’s recommended reading for President Rickard.

The legislation she is pushing for her industry backers is not only a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but goes against the sentiments just expressed by Alabama voters in November. It’s a good thing legislators have been good shepherds the last few times she’s tried to hurt their Alabama constituents.

Check out Rob Johnson’s response HERE.