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Recent Survey Says 75% of Americans Are Worried About Losing Housing

Survey after survey tells us that the vast majority of Americans are living on the financial edge. More than just living paycheck to paycheck, few would be able to survive a $1,000 crisis intact. Now, a new study from the NHP Foundation (NHPF), a nonprofit affordable housing provider, shows that 75% of Americans are worried about housing stability. 57% of respondents are “concerned” or “very concerned” that they or a friend or relative could lose their housing—one of life’s most basic necessities. Another 19% are “somewhat concerned.”

Strikingly, nearly 40% of those surveyed are worried that job loss would cost them their housing. The issue transcends home ownership, issues with affordable housing, differences in income levels, and race and ethnic barriers. People from all walks are living far closer to homelessness than should be possible.

Accidents can unwittingly disrupt a person’s ability to earn an income, and you never get to stop paying rent, or the mortgage. Those bills keep coming, even if you are laid up with an injury, trying to recover. Surprisingly little protects people in these situations.

Consumer legal funding can help families stay in their homes, and regain stability in order to move on with their lives. By purchasing a small portion of a person’s anticipated recovery from his or her legal settlement—usually a personal injury claim—providers can help families can get the money they need to get by, while they wait for a full, fair settlement. Consumer legal funding gives people an option to ensure constancy during a trying time, and can improve quality of life.

Though housing is a critical public policy issue that must be addressed on a multitude of levels, it is imperative to ensure families have options now, while they work to make ends meet.