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In The Real World, Tort Cases Don’t Break the Bank

It’s time to set the record straight. There’s a major misconception that personal injury cases are some get-rich-quick scheme. The real world truth is that personal injury cases are rarely pursued. When they are, people aren’t using cases to try and hit the jackpot. And there’s undeniable evidence to prove it.

A new study by the Center For Justice and Democracy at New York Law School states that 75% percent of tort judgements are less than $12,200. That’s not exactly Scrooge McDuck money.

People who are pursuing a fair settlement aren’t looking to get rich, but instead looking to get back on their feet.

Also, contrary to popular belief, tort or personal injury lawsuits only compromise a tiny percentage of civil cases (7% to be exact). Yet, insurance companies and their allies still argue that these cases saturate the legal system. That’s obviously not based in fact.

After a major car or work accident, victims are asked to cover out of pocket costs and even medical bills.

Injury victims aren’t “sue-happy.” But, they deserve to settle fairly.

Legal funding can often help them do that.