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New Study: Older Americans Working, More Depending on a Paycheck

A new study recently released from PEW Research Center shows that more older Americans are working, and working more than any time since the turn of the century. With families still struggling to get by and recovering from the great recession, more and more people are dependent on a weekly paycheck even as they reach retirement age.

This can spell trouble for those who are unexpectedly involved in an accident. Incidents like car crashes can catch people off-guard, unprepared to deal with the financial damage it can cause. Especially for people working later in life, an accident can cause injuries that take longer to heal, keeping them out of work longer.

Consumer legal funding needs to be available for those who might not be able to get back to work right away do to their injuries. Otherwise, they can be left with the terrible choice of accepting a less-than-fair settlement—which can cause long-term financial hardship—or fighting to survive the long wait, potentially forgoing healthcare treatment and basic necessities. This choice is even more worrisome for older working people who may require treatment and medication to recover.

Consumer legal funding can be a lifeline for the millions of families trying to make it after an accident. Older working Americans, especially, need options when they have been injured. With more of them working out of necessity, they need options to bridge the gap.

Photo Credit: Georgia Business via Flikr