Helping Ted’s Family Keep their Health Insurance

Ted is like most Americans.  He works hard to provide for his family.  However, life sometimes throws a curve-ball and temporarily limits one’s ability to fully provide for their family. 

In the case of Ted, an hourly worker from Illinois, an on-the-job shoulder injury limited his ability to work full time.  Through some workman compensation benefits, and what he thought was continued health insurance coverage, he knew he could sustain some of the financial burdens he would incur from his injury and his temporary inability to work. 

It wasn’t until several months had passed when Ted shockingly discovered his health insurance had been canceled by his employer.

Upon contacting his employer about the cancellation of his health insurance policy, Ted was given two options:  Pay the exorbitant amount of $8,000 dollars in back payments, or sign up for a COBRA policy for nearly $2,000 dollars per month.  These options, of course, were financially impossible for Ted’s family to meet

With no other options to secure health insurance for his family, Ted found out about consumer legal funding through Oasis Legal Finance.  Through consumer legal funding, Ted was easily able to secure the proper resources to re-acquire health insurance for him and his family until he could get back on his feet. 

Ted, as you can imagine, was relieved, saying “[T]he entire process was effortless and was a HUGE weight lifted off [my family’s] shoulders. Thank you so much for your help. The entire process was effortless. Without your service my family would have been without health insurance for God knows how long.”

Time and time again folks are put into precarious financial situations due to injuries that often limit an employee’s ability to work while awaiting a fair and just settlement.  Thanks to consumer legal funding, these folks now have a financial lifeline.      

Funding people. Funding lives. Funding families like Ted’s. That’s consumer legal funding.

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  1. Kate
    Kate says:

    Each company vareis, and I know there is a bigger push to keep kids on insurance longer, but thats because kids are in college longer. Once they are no longer full time students they can not be on your insurance. I just recently graduated and haven’t gotten a full time job so I have no insurance. My parents insurance would cover me until I was 26 if I was a full time student. Im not aware of any company that would vary from this, but I would contact either a benefit administrator or HR person at your company or with the insurance company directly to get more details.


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