Hardworking citizens of Illinois will Lose Access to Vital Financial Product Under U.S. Chamber of Commerce Plan.

Most hard working Americans spend more time at work than they do at home.  The pressures of working and earning a paycheck increase as items such as food, housing and transportation costs are on the rise.  The fight to earn a decent living to help finance daily necessities has never been more important.

LaShawn, from Chicago Ridge, Illinois, is one of those hardworking American’s who does his job well and wants what is best for his family.  He is the type of person who clocks in everyday knowing that the money he earns will help provide for his family.  LaShawn is also a person who is responsible enough to put money aside for emergency situations but knows its only enough to hold the boat for a short amount of time if something were to happen.

Unfortunately for LaShawn, that day came, as he was involved in an accident, at no fault of his own that left him injured and unable to work.  After waiting months with no success of finalizing his insurance claim, with no income, his saving s account exhausted and bills piling up, LaShawn needed help.

After researching several different financial options, LaShawn decided to go with consumer legal funding.  With consumer legal funding, LaShawn liked the idea that he would not incur any further debt from this option, the terms were clearly presented to him upon signing and he would receive just enough funds to help pay for the bills that had piled up over the past couple months.

“Consumer legal funding has really helped me in a stressful time, by providing me funds to help pay my bills,” Said LaShawn.”

Unfortunately for folks who will be in similar situations like LaShawn, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is on a mission to eliminate the industry of consumer legal funding in Illinois.  They have begun a misinformation campaign that vilifies the industry as a predatory practice that needs to be heavily regulated by price control legislation and other measures that would send the industry to its death.

This of course couldn’t be further from the truth.  As you start to peel back the layers of why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would even care about this industry, all roads lead back to a handful of mega corporations they represent and the financial windfall they would receive under a scenario where the consumer legal funding industry ceased to exist in Illinois.

This of course would increase the bottom lines of those few mega corporations at the expensive of the consumer legal funding industry, the hundreds of jobs associated with the industry and the thousands of consumers who rely of their vital services.

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