Sometimes the Little Guy Should Get to Win: Go Cubs!

Meet Malcolm. He was born exactly 12 years ago today, on the day that Cubs fans will forever know as the Bartman game. His dad, a dedicated Cubs fan, attended the game and then rushed to the hospital to be by his wife’s side. Malcolm has not grown tall over his 12 short years, but he has grown into a dedicated Cubs fan–with all of the pain that entails. He has suffered the agony of loving a team that has perfected the tradition of never being allowed to win. But last night, on the eve of his 12th birthday and 12th anniversary of the Bartman game, Malcolm got to be at Wrigley Field and learned that even when the deck has been stacked against you, you can win.

Little guys have been on the losing side of the battle with insurance companies for decades now. Insurers have perfected the game of targeting hard working, moderate income families and withholding the fair value of their claim after they’ve been in an accident. Insurers have millions of data points that help them figure out how to undercut families and lowball offers—offers families often take just to get by. For years, they have had no alternative options.

Legal funding has become a valuable choice for families when they suddenly lose income due to an accident. They can decide if selling part of that future potential recovery makes sense for them, rather than accepting a significantly discounted offer from an insurance company. And sometimes, just like Malcolm learned last night, the little guy will get to win – and families will get to recover fairly.

Written by Ralph Shayne, CEO of Oasis Financial and former hot dog vendor at Wrigley Field.