Funding lives, not lawsuits.

Meet Robyn – “Forever Grateful”

 Funding lives, not lawsuits.

 Consumer legal funding is about funding people and funding lives. Not lawsuits.

 Consumer legal funding can often be the only financial lifeline that exists for a citizen awaiting resolution of a legal claim or settlement. That was certainly the case for Robyn, a woman from Indiana who was injured in an auto accident.

 Working for a company that offered no short-term disability nor having accumulated enough paid leave, her recovery began to take a tremendous financial toll on Robyn and her family. Constant doctors’ appointments and a surgery that required her to take two months off from work meant that Robyn’s bills began to mount.

There were remaining payments on the car that was totaled in her accident. There was a constant threat of foreclosure on the family home. Utility bills started to pile up. And finally, a husband who unexpectedly lost his job.

Fortunately for Robyn and her family, there was consumer legal funding.  Robyn was able to obtain the resources she needed to make sure a roof stayed over her family’s head, the lights stayed on, and food was put on the table while her attorneys were able to properly finalize her settlement.

But don’t just take our word for it, take Robyn’s:  “I have no idea what I would have done without them (Oasis Legal Finance) being as attentive as they have been in seeing that our financial needs are taken care of in an expedited manner.  I’ve never worked with such a well-organized group of people when it comes to financial difficulties and finances.  They seem very sincere and always helpful when it comes to personalizing their efforts for the good of others. I’m forever grateful they are there when I need them and wish them all the best.”

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