ARC Welcomes New Advisory Council Members

We at ARC are delighted to announce new additions to our ARC Advisory Council: Reverend Charles Atkins, Jr., Professor Terrence Cain, and Becki Gray. These three individuals bring a diverse set of backgrounds in social justice and free market ideals to the council, but all share a passion for advocating on behalf of programs and regulations that provide consumers with more choices.

Here’s a little info on our new members:

  • Reverend Charles Atkins, Jr. is a community leader and social justice advocate in the New York metropolitan area, and serves as the pastor for the French-speaking congregation at the French Evangelical Church of New York. Atkins is dedicated to serving urban communities through advocating for access to justice. His interest in consumer legal funding stems from his commitment to providing counsel and developing programs to help individuals in need.

“The process is set up so that people can’t get what they deserve—what is fair,” Reverend Atkins said. “Legal funding gives people an option and improves equity in the system.”

  • Professor Terrence Cain is a legal scholar at the William H. Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He has taught classes on employment discrimination and civil liberties over the last decade, and is a published scholar on the topic of legal funding. He maintains a private practice where he specializes in criminal defense, employment discrimination and domestic relations.

“Legal funding serves the dual purposes of creating a culture in which justice is more readily accessible and does so while maximizing the efficiency of the litigation process,” said Professor Cain.

  • Becki Gray is a public policy leader who currently serves as the Vice President of Outreach for the John Locke Foundation inRaleigh, NC. In this role, she works closely with elected officials and government staff on public policy. Her background in lobbying and in the legal field have made her a go-to expert for commentary on legislative issues.

“There is a market for consumer legal funding because there is a need,” said Gray. “We need to let the free-market work.”

We look forward to working with these new Advisory Council members in the coming months.

Want to know more? Check out the full press release HERE.