Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck that is why they need Consumer Legal Funding.


According to CNBC 78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75% last year. In addition 56% of those polled said they were in over their heads with debt and have saved less than $100 per month for emergency’s.

The story went on to say that even those making over $100,000, nearly 10% of then live paycheck to paycheck and 59% of those in the that salary range said they were in the red.

That is why Consumer Legal Funding is so important. When an unexpected tragedy hits, and consumers do not have the financial resources to make end meets while their claim is dragging out, that is where Consumer Legal Funding comes in. It allows those with a legitimate legal claim to hang on till their claim is making its way through the legal process.

Consumer Legal Funding allows consumers like Jack Daniels from Phoenix who stated: My budget was already tight, and the injury made things much worse.”

Consumers like Jack should not be forced to accept a settlement that does not satisfy what they need to make them whole.