Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding Taps Former OK Lawmaker as Executive Director

The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) today announced former Oklahoma State Senator Rob Johnson as its new Executive Director. Johnson will oversee the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of ARC, a coalition that ensures the proper regulation of the consumer legal funding industry in the United States.

“Rob Johnson will be a strong advocate for the consumer legal funding industry and a leader for sensible regulations that protect consumer choice and promote free-market enterprise,” said Ralph Shayne, CEO of Oasis Legal Finance and a founding member of ARC. “Rob’s proven record of legislative leadership and looking out for the little guy in the face of big insurance interests will be an asset to ARC as it advocates for responsible regulation of the consumer legal funding industry.”

Before joining ARC, Johnson served 8 years in the Oklahoma State Legislature. As a member of the House of Representatives, he served as Majority Whip, where he played a key role in shaping a wide range of policy issues. As a State Senator, he authored some of the most comprehensive lawsuit reform measures in the country as well as a multitude of other pieces of legislation aimed at building a more pro-business environment in Oklahoma. Following his time in the Legislature, Johnson practiced law in Oklahoma City.

“Rob worked tirelessly as a lawmaker to ensure that hard-working Oklahomans could receive financial help when they need it most, and that fair access to the legal system does not depend on the depth of one’s wallet,” Shayne said. “Rob’s new position with ARC will allow him to continue and expand this commitment at the national level.”

“I look forward to working with ARC as it continues to advocate for the appropriate regulation of consumer legal funding” said Johnson. “Consumer legal funding provides a vital lifeline to many hardworking Americans whose lives have been disrupted by an injury and who have little emergency savings, and regulations will ensure that the industry can continue to serve as a bridge to fair recoveries for these consumers.”

About ARC

ARC represents a coalition of consumer legal funding providers, business leaders, academics, and other industry supporters who work together at the state and federal levels to ensure proper regulation of consumer legal funding. Consumer legal funding helps people meet their financial needs at the time when they most need it, shortly after their lives have been disrupted by loss of income and mounting medical bills. Consumer legal funding affords these people the option to sell a small portion of their legitimate legal claim for money now so that they can meet their personal obligations and pay for basic needs such as rent, mortgages, car repairs, utilities and groceries while they wait for a fair recovery.


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