Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) Teams Up with Money Management International (MMI) to Offer Customers Access to Financial Resource Site relaunches financial wellness resources to bridge the emergency savings gap

Washington, DC – February 21, 2021 – The leading trade association for the consumer legal funding industry, Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC), a nonprofit organization, announces the relaunch (Financially Fit), a website providing consumers with tools to achieve financial wellness, bolster emergency savings, and better prepare for a rainy day.

ARC teamed up with the nonprofit Money Management International (MMI) to offer an easy-to-digest web platform. presents the best expert resources to help consumers combat a financial crisis, form healthy spending habits, and prepare for the future. The site also offers free one-on-one budgeting help through partnership with MMI, one of the largest and longest-serving financial counseling agencies in the country.

“Unfortunately, most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and if that income stream gets interrupted, they start to spiral,” said Eric Schuller, President of ARC. “When an emergency is thrust into a consumer’s life, like a car accident or a personal injury, they usually need some help in getting through those difficult times. By providing resources like, ARC Members can be an ally to consumers on their journey to long-term financial wellness.”

A 2021 survey by found that up to 70% of millennials live paycheck to paycheck. This further illustrates a significant financial gap many Americans face in the event of an emergency situation, such as an automobile accident or sudden injury. The same study found that even a significant number (39%) of those earning over $100,000 a year are living paycheck to paycheck.

“Consumers reach out to us because they are in a bind financially and they are in need of assistance,” said Charles W. Price, CEO of Capital Now Funding, an ARC Member. “Offering our clients a resource like enables us to continue helping clients long-term, not just for their short-term financial needs. Financially Fit is an excellent resource and one we hope consumers will utilize to help them regain their financial footing.”

“Our entire mission is to help those in need,” added Reid Zeising, Founder and CEO of Cherokee Funding, another ARC Member. “We are committed to access to care for all, and the ability for plaintiffs to meet short term financial needs while awaiting a fair settlement. When settlement does come, we believe will provide essential nonprofit guidance and resources to our clients, and we look forward to sharing this important resource with them.”

”Regardless of age or income level, financial emergencies often lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame among impacted individuals,” said Jim Triggs, President and CEO of MMI. “Research has shown that stigma and fear of judgment prevents many consumers from taking action, but confidential and compassionate help is just a click or phone call away. Our experienced, certified, and empathetic counselors welcome ARC Member customers to lean on MMI as they navigate the financial challenges that come with life’s unexpected twists and turns.”

About ARC

The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) is a diverse coalition of consumer legal funding providers, consumers, academics, community activists, policy makers, and other supporters. It was established to preserve legal funding as a choice for the many Americans who have suffered an unexpected economic loss due to an accident and have a pending legal claim. Legal funding can help families pay for immediate personal needs such as rent, mortgages, car repairs, utilities, and groceries while they wait for their claims to settle fairly. ARC promotes practices and regulations that lead to informed decisions between individuals and their attorneys, so that families have more options—not fewer. ARC advocates at the state and federal levels to recommend regulations that preserve consumer choice. ARC member providers handle the majority of all legal funding transactions in the United States.

About MMI

Money Management International (MMI) is changing how America overcomes financial challenges. MMI helps create, restore, and maintain a life of financial wellness through empowered choices. For over 60 years, our clients have achieved financial confidence through nonprofit programs that educate, motivate, and liberate. MMI inspires action by delivering expert professional guidance and timely solutions aligned with our client’s goals. Experiencing a financial challenge? Find your solution 24/7 at 866.980.2227 and