Accident Funding

10 Seconds Can Change Everything. Case and Point: Michigan Football

Michigan should have had it in the bag. 10 seconds. They had possession of the football and a 2 point lead with 10 seconds left on the clock. Fourth and 2 at midfield. Victory was within their grasp after a hard fought out gridiron battle with Michigan State in one of country’s deepest college football rivalries. How could 10 seconds change anything?

Then it happened. Michigan’s punter fumbled the routine snap. In his attempt to recover the ball, the ball slung its way into Michigan State hands, and they made a frenzied rush to the Michigan end zone with time expiring on the clock. TOUCHDOWN!

104,000 shocked fans in maize and blue watched in horror as the minority of Michigan State fans went from accepting defeat to surprised euphoria.

Lives, too, are often changed in seconds. Accidents are unexpected and can be devastating. Some people need a lifeline after their world gets turned upside down. Legal funding can be that lifeline. Michigan fans can’t change the outcome of the game, but people should have choices when deciding how to move forward after an accident.