Consumer Legal Funding is a responsible way to help everyday working men and women to access a small part of the value of their claims at the time when they most need it to meet the basic needs of their families.

Fiction: The insurance industry claims that Consumer Legal Funding is a predatory practice that takes advantage of people under financial hardships.

Fact: This is the biggest false-claim perpetuated by the insurance industry and others to scare the public about Consumer Legal Funding options. It is a safe alternative to predatory products. Products labelled “predatory” typically include bi-weekly or monthly current payments, have hidden rates and fees and create “debt traps”, as in personal debt obligations that can lead to delinquency, collection calls and often bankruptcy. Consumer Legal Funding, on the other hand, takes no bite out of consumer’s valuable paycheck. Consumers never need to worry about having a personal debt obligation or having an effect on their credit histories because the Consumer Legal Funding companies can only recover from the settlement proceeds – period! If the settlement falls short or does not happen, the consumer keeps the funds obtained from the transaction and has no personal obligation to repay anything.  No debt.  No trap.