Educational Resources for Grade School Students

To the parents, guardians, and caregivers of students affected by school closures-

This transition into homeschooling and digital/remote learning is becoming the new normal as our country navigates the global pandemic of COVID-19. As you are at home with your child/ren you are faced with taking on a new role and becoming their teacher. This may be scary, confusing, exhausting and frankly difficult, but remember as their parent you are their first teacher in the course of life. Take this time to get to know your child as a student and a learner and see where you as a teacher can fit in that part of themselves. Create routines, procedures and schedules as this new normal sets in. This is simply a new course we are all faced with. We are in this together. 

In these pages you will find many resources, ideas and supplies to help you navigate this new way of learning and teaching. Created and put together by an educator, these resources are broken down by grade level and subject/content area. Navigate through each folder, document, and page as you please and find the right fit for you and your child/ren. Download, print, share with other parents and friends as you please. We just ask that you do not alter the documents within the folders. 

As technology and resources are ever changing please check frequently to see any new additions that may have been added. 

Reach out to your child’s teachers, other parents and friends for help. We are all learning. We thank you for all that you do, and your children will thank you for taking the time to reconnect with them. We WILL get through this.. #BetterTogether

PreK Resources


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade


Click HERE for additional On-Line Resources

Below you will find websites with a mix of tips for homeschooling and free and purchasable products, ideas, activites, etc. for you and your child/ren. 

Teachers Pay Teachers

Mom for all Seasons Blog

Teach Mama Blog

Life over Cs Blog

A list of online Educational Websites 

Super Teacher Worksheets