Balanced Bridge Funding: The Newest Addition to the ARC Family

The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (“ARC”) is pleased to announce that Balanced Bridge Funding (“Balanced Bridge”) has joined ARC as its newest member.

Joseph Genovesi, Chief Executive Officer of Balanced Bridge, said “We are looking forward to joining ARC and the rest of the ARC members. We believe the organization brings a wealth of value to our company, as well as to the consumer legal funding industry as a whole.”

Rob Johnson, Executive Director of ARC, had this to say: “Balanced Bridge is a major player in the specialty finance and legal funding spaces, and we welcome them to the ARC Family.”

Balanced Bridge specializes in post-settlement advances to both plaintiffs’ attorneys and their clientele. They also offer a law firm line of credit, voucher funding for public defenders, and a first year attorney funding product for brand new lawyers just starting their careers.

Outside the legal funding space, Balanced Bridge provides real estate commission advances, professional athlete funding, fix and flip real estate loans, and government contract advances, among other specialty finance solutions.

The vast majority of consumer legal funding companies focus on pre-settlement funding, as this is where the demand primarily lies. “Although Balanced Bridge only offers post-settlement advances, we strongly believe in ARC’s industry best practices,” said Genovesi. “ARC is without a doubt part of the solution for the consumer legal finance industry, and we’re proud to officially join the ARC Family.”