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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Looking to Eliminate Consumer Legal Funding from Illinois

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants nothing more then for the entire consumer legal funding industry to vanish from Illinois.  In the current session at the Illinois State House, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is attempting to persuade legislators that price control regulations along with other regulations disguised as “consumer-friendly” measures are a must to […]

Consumer Legal Funding in #Louisiana.

For many years now, consumer legal funding has provided vital services to thousands of Louisiana consumers.  Because of consumer legal funding, these consumers in Louisiana finally had an alternative to submitting to big insurance company’s delay tactics and low-ball settlement offers for injury claims.  Citizens like Iris from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Lashondra from New […]

FACT vs FICTION Is Consumer Legal Funding a serious problem?

The Insurance Industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want you to believe that lawsuit lending is a serious problem because it diminishes recoveries for injured consumers, increases litigation costs, and crowds court dockets.   The Facts Are: Consumer Legal Funding allows consumers to receive a fair and proper settlement without having to accept the […]

FACT vs FICTION Consumer Legal Funding is NOT a loan

The Insurance industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want you to believe Lawsuit lenders avoid most state oversight and regulations by categorizing their services as “investments” instead of “loans.” The Facts Are: Consumer Legal Funding is NOT a loan.  A loan has a guarantee of repayment, which a consumer legal funding agreement does not. […]