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FACT vs FICTION Is Consumer Legal Funding a serious problem?

The Insurance Industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want you to believe that lawsuit lending is a serious problem because it diminishes recoveries for injured consumers, increases litigation costs, and crowds court dockets.   The Facts Are: Consumer Legal Funding allows consumers to receive a fair and proper settlement without having to accept the […]

FACT vs FICTION Consumer Legal Funding is NOT a loan

The Insurance industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want you to believe Lawsuit lenders avoid most state oversight and regulations by categorizing their services as “investments” instead of “loans.” The Facts Are: Consumer Legal Funding is NOT a loan.  A loan has a guarantee of repayment, which a consumer legal funding agreement does not. […]

Legislation being considered by Alabama Legislature would eliminate a vital service for thousands of consumers.

Whether you are Reneemka from Bessler, Alabama or Jeremy from Birmingham, Alabama you share a common bond and have been affected by a terrible accident and sought the help of a consumer legal funding company. Consumer legal funding helps thousands of families across Alabama cope with automobile injuries, typically caused at no fault of their […]

It’s up to Indiana Senate to Protect Consumers, Free Markets.

In January, the Indiana House passed House Bill 1205 (HB-1205).  Contained within the bill are a series of anti-free-market and industry killing regulations that would impact the consumer legal funding industry.  Regulations so severe, it would most certainly send the consumer legal funding to its grave in Indiana.    Now as HB-1205 heads to the […]