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The 50 Shades of Legal Funding

If you have ever tried to look up information on legal funding, it’s immediately clear that these types of transactions have been given many different names over the last decade—the 50 Shades names of legal funding. Less sexy than the titillating best-selling book, legal funding is nevertheless an important topic, so here’s an attempt to […]

Time Value of Money: Why Lump Sum Payments Cost More

We’ve all played the lottery—bought tickets for a chance at winning the $1.5 billion Powerball. If you flick your eyes to the fine print, you see that if you win you can get the money in an annuity over 30 years.  You can elect to receive a lump sum payment now, bu only if you […]

FED Rate Hike Will NOT Affect Legal Funding Consumers

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen announced that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates of the first time in almost a decade. Immediately, financial publications like the Wall Street Journal predicted that average Americans will see an immediate impact in higher charges on credit products. People will see their credit card rates, mortgages and […]

Insurance Industry Taboo Broken–Are we really that surprised?

This Saturday’s Wall Street Journal reported that life insurance companies are breaking a major “industry taboo” by raising rates on life-insurance policies they sold to consumers years ago. According to the article, insurers have already notified tens of thousands of people they cover to let them know that they plan to exercise a little-used contractual […]

The Big Insurance Equation for Hypocrisy

Antitrust laws were created to protect consumers by promoting market competition. These laws are supposed to regulate anti-competitive conduct so that no company becomes too powerful to impact pricing and the freedom of the market. Very few industries and businesses are exempt from antitrust laws. One big industry that is: insurance. This means that on […]

Families Avoiding Financial Distress After Injury Through Legal Funding

Hardworking Americans are living on the financial edge. With 76% of households living paycheck-to-paycheck, families are stretching even farther to reach the American Dream. This struggle isn’t limited to those who are truly impoverished. According to a recent Brookings Institution study, nearly two-thirds of households living “hand-to-mouth” are middle-class families that own homes and save […]